Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
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Welcome SeoHyun from Blanc Pettilant !

Pet: Cat
Super powers: Mind-reading, Power over water and Wind, Teleportation and Shadow Manipulation.
About: Seohyun is a quiet girl who is calm and collected. People who don’t know her thinks she is weak but she can take you down within a second. Being the smartest girl in school, she barely socializes. She is untrusting but protective over good friends of hers.

Interested in joining our academy ? Apply here .

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Welcome Chen from Fleur Jaune ! 

pet: Owl
super powers: Lightning
type: Alien
about: Chen is quite silent at times but when you get to know him he likes to troll people. You can never take him seriously since he always jokes about things. However, we all know that the people who always smile has deep and maybe dark secrets.

Interested in joining our academy ? Apply here .

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Welcome Jung Leo from Lumiere Noire !

pet: Black cat
super power:shadow manipulation and mowing thru shadows(a way of teleporting), fire
about:He is really quiet and introvert person rarely letting anyone too close to himself, he can keep up a good convo but dont think that he will open up about his thoughts and feelings easly. when he is bored he likes to sometimes play with the fire. Even thought he is quiet when someone disses or hurts someone that is close to his heart or he feels protective of you can be ready to see the darkest pits of hell because he wont let any one guilty go without punishment.

Interested in joining our academy ? Apply here . 

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Happy Happy Halloween !

Beauxbatons Academy are going to celebrate Halloween this Friday ! Dress to impress and prepare for tons of treats in your way ! In our academy , we have our unique way of celebrating it and here’s how it works . Everyone can go to each and one of our student’s “wall” and ask for trick or treats ! Everyone should participate and prepare for giving out tricks or treats ! Furthermore we’ll be having a potion contest ! The best potion created will win some points for their own respective house (the participants will receive some points as well ! ) 

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Welcome Kim Seukhye from Blanc Pettilant

pet: Unicorn
super powers: Fire,stopping time.
about: Seukhye is cute so give her some cupcakes and she will be ur friend or she quit rp-ying.Sorry i have no idea to write about v.v

Interested in joining our academy ? Apply here .

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Welcome Kim Kibum from Lumiere Noire !

Pet: cat
Super Powers: Can control his body temperatures beyond reasoning. ex. can make his skin red hot and can burn you by touching you or can make his skin blue and freeze you with frost burn or icing your veins. it cant kill you, nonono but it can knock you out for some time.
about: Kibum was bored and raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, which he broke off himself. He always hated the life his parents tried to layout for him. ‘He was gifted, he needed to be royal.’ Neither of his parents had powers themselves, he was a mystery that even the doctors scratched their heads at. But none the less his parents told him he was special and dotted him until one day he snapped and burned down the house, everything burning to ash as he stormed through the house in a fit of rage boiling in anger. After that, he ran away. Never wanting to look his parents in the eyes after what he had done. He was special, but it felt like a curse to him. Searching for something someplace to teach him how to control his powers be stumbled across a boy that told him about a school that could help him understand and control the abilities that haunted him. He went with him of course, determined to finally understand who he was.

Interested in joining our academy ? Apply here .

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Welcome Soo-Ji Bae from Lumiere Noire !

pet: Phoenix
super powers: All vampire common power
about: Suzy is a hardworking girl.One day she got beaten up by some awful creature.Suddenly,a handsome man come and save her from that awful creature.When she wake up from her bed , she was actually just dreaming about all of that.Then,she go to school and the things that she dream about become true and she was angry with all those awful creature.Suddenly,she became a vampire and bite all those awful creature.The handsome man saw her biting then he run to Suzy and say “stop it!stop biting all those creature” and Suzy hug that man while biting him.The man turn into a vampire.When that man mother know about all of this she begging Suzy to turn her son to a normal human again.But Suzy say with one condition which is take her to Beauxbatons and the man mother fullfil Suzy condition.So,here she is -smiles-

Interested in joining our academy ? Apply here .

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